A330? Or 340?

What Airplane you like the most A330? Or A340?

Hello again @CptRuben!

This is also not really allowed. The team generally discourages “what’s your favorite” topics.

I recommend reading the TOS and User Guide for more info on making topics.





A340 is basically an A330 with 2 extra engines strapped to it, nothing to argue about. Anyways, you’re a bit late on that one, since this summer topics on broad questions like this are not allowed, and though your topic is in #live and not #real-world-aviation, we both understand the place it should be. If you’d like to read the same but from someone who is actually staff and not stranger, you can visit this link:

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As Alec said, this isn’t really beneficial for the community.
You can talk about it in this thread!

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I will flag it :)

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Well we have A330 and the A340 on infinite flight
So I would like to see witch one the people like the most

But if it’s not welcome here I Wil respect

It’s definitely welcome, but it just isn’t really beneficial for the community. Thanks for respecting the rules!