A330 Old Liveries Gone!

As much as I love the new a330… I truly is great, I could not help but to notice many of the old liveries such as WOW and Air Asia are gone. Anyone know if they will come back?

Wow Air went out of business so it likely won’t come back and Air Asia X will probably be added in the A330Neo update nothing confirmed though.


Well PanAm went out of business before most of IF’s fan base existed so…

They clearly don’t care if it’s due to them not flying anymore

Right. There are many liveries of airlines that are either now defunct or haven’t flown that type aircraft in a long time.

Likely because they added more in demand livery’s. I’d make a livery request and you could be added in a future update.

true, probably nobody flew it and they needed to make space for other liveries.

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