A330 news?

Hi guys. Since 21.1 testing started in April there’s been absolutely nothing about the a330 rework I was just wondering if we’re going to get an update about how that’s coming on soon thanks :)

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Hey there! The A330-300 isn’t planned to be in the 21.1 update. Do keep an eye out for more news to come after the release of 21.1 though. The developers are working 100% on the new buildings and 3D objects for the upcoming full release.


I’m sure the A333 is coming along nicely and the devs will share when there’s new stuff to show.


You can go to the official A330 tracking thread to see all of the WIPs and news IF have released. I think the last update we got on it was a cockpit WIP which was really beautiful.

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The cockpit WIP is the best so far.

Please stay tuned and keep tabs on the A330 topic listed above by Leron_Gundlur.