A330 news update

As many people know the A330 rework was announced back in November and according to the fact the reworks usually take around 6 months then we should be getting close to the release. I know that we are currently doing the 21.1 open beta buts there has been very little news on the progress of the A330 hoping that we get a news update on it’s progress

they actually said that the a330 wont be coming in 21.1 because they focus on buildings and others

I knew that I was saying they could give us a work in progress shot or something they’ve been very quiet about the rework

we don’t know why they haven’t posted a update of the a330 reworked but my only explanation is that of 21.1 open beta you know fixing bugs and others

I want to see CF6 engines on the A330

I want to see the Virgin, American, KLM, Royal Jordanian, and Iberia liveries As well as sounds for both engine types

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you mean 3?

what do you mean 3

Guys, lets try not to do this type of stuff here. If you want to discuss the A330 like this I recommend you go to a PM :)


The Trent 700 and CF6

and the pw4000

The team has been hard at work on buildings and getting 21.1 open beta across the line to a full release. I’m sure, as with every update, they’ll share more and more as they have new things to share.

Remember, we’re always getting closer to the next sneak peek, we just don’t know when it is.

You can keep track of what’s been shown here: