A330 neo

This Is a topic to discuss the a330 neo world tour. I want to know more about this aircraft. So hopefully this topic goes well.

Please add more substance to your topic other than a couple of meaningless sentences:

Here’s an idea… maybe start off with a neat video?


The A330Neo will visit jakarta on 28th of june… To Indonesian IF pilot,please spot this plane…😂😂

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You have posted multiple threads that have all been rescued by the community with extra content. There is only so much education we can give before we decide this dog won’t learn the trick.

Pretty please begin making your posts a meaningful contribution before releasing it to the community.


Haha yeah. They need to

Ok well I don’t know what to post then?

You can research facts, put pictures and videos in, your opinion on it, some stats Vs it’s nearest competitor.

It’s easy, additional content encourages people to read and contribute more to the discussion buddy.


Seriously, all that is required is searching “A330neo world tour” on Google. This should be helpful:
And once the page has loaded, you have billions of resources literally at your fingertips. Use it for crying out loud!
Here’s another website relating to your topic, because you probably can’t be bothered either way.

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