A330-Neo underpowered

It seems the a330-Neo is really underpowered. At 30,000 It requires N1 86% with a 75% load. At 36,000 it requires N1 89-90% with a 50% load. Honestly there only seems to be a cosmetic change between the A330 and A330 Neo

High-bypass turbofan engines are actually more efficient at higher N1 %s - so what you are seeing is normal. Despite the Trent 7000s being newer, this does not necessarily mean that the first fan blade speed (N1%) will be lower.

For some context, here are some real figures from the A330-300 manual.


You’ll be loosely expected to have 92.3% N1, cruising at M.80 at FL310 at 200,000 tonnes. I do not have access to a NEO specific manual at the moment, but if I was to guess the figures would also be similar despite having newer engines.


I guess what’s also throwing me off is that at N1 92% it sounds exactly like the takeoff engine thrust of the 777. So cruising it sounds and feels like the engines are overworking. Are they the same engine sounds?

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Yes the 777 family and the A330 have the same sounds

This is because of restriction if I remember

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Yes, the A330 and the A330-Neo use the same engine sounds as the 777 family.

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