A330 neo Fuel efficiency

A quick question regarding the NEO’s fuel efficiency. I can see that in the app it says Fuel burn 4.6t per hour for both the CEO and the NEO version. My understanding is that NEO has higher MTOW and higher Zero Fuel Weight as well, so maybe its not that simple to compare the two engine option’s efficiency.

On the RR website I read this: “The Trent 7000 […] features a 10% specific fuel consumption improvement thanks to its small, high pressure-ratio core and the latest, fully swept, wide-chord fan technology.”

But how is the engine more fuel efficient if the fuel flow is exactly he same in the sim? I did a quick test flight, and with the same conditions, same weather, same route, flight level, speed weight etc. they had the same FF value. Where is the 10% fuel consumption advantage? Is there a difference between the two planes in the sim?


I did query the fact the new A330 NEO have the same fuel burn as A330 CEO thus my expectation would see a lower fuel burn on the new A330 NEO.

It ought to be more fuel efficient on the NEOs than the CEOs since its only the engines and newer designed wings that would make a difference in terms of fuel efficiency, additional range and higher MTOW weight between the two versions.

I will wait for someone to answer this question as i do not know the answer to your query.

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I have done testing on this. The NEO is about 2% more efficient in fuel which is not a lot. However, it should be noted that my numbers are for most efficient altitudes in IF which means I don’t actually end up going up to FL410 and hitting 95%N1 in cruise which could be where the 10% fuel difference comes in. The fuel burn spikes at high N1 values.


Speaking about burn i am right now on a flight inbound FMEE and the wind is calm at FL380 Load: 28% M=0.820 and burn is approx 4,200~4,100! Which is pretty good! And as you stated that when you reach higher altitudes that where we would see the difference!

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