A330 MLW Discrepancy

Hello, I thought it might be worth mentioning that I noticed that the A333’s MLW in IF is slightly incorrect, it’s 185t, while the actual MLW is 187t.

The increase ought to be useful for having extra fuel or higher pax/cargo loads.

There are many variations of the A330-300 out there, so it’s possible that the development team have simply used another A330-300 specification as their reference (different variations of the A330-300 do indeed have different maximum landing weights among other things). The figures from Airbus’ site are very ‘general’ and do not take into account different variants of the A330-300, hence I wouldn’t say this is an issue exactly (especially considering that the difference is only 2 tonnes which can indeed be attributed to a different variant).

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I was able to do some more searching, and you were right, it’s due to aircraft variations. Though, something still doesn’t seem quite right with IF’s version.

I was able to find a list of the weight variations that exist on the 330. The 185 MLW ought to have a MTOW of either: 230,205,217,198, or 199 t.

The 242 MTOW variant has an MLW of 187, it seems like a significant difference if IF has two different types in one aircraft.

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