A330 Long Haul Flight Ideas (9hrs +)

Hi! I’m trying to find some long haul flight ideas to do in the a330. So if you have any ideas please let me know about them.


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Turkish Airlines’ Istanbul (LTFM) - Newark (KEWR) is a nice one 😉 (TK29)

Or if you want to be realistic, you can try out the inbound flight, TK28 from Newark to Istanbul which should be departing soon


Any other ideas? (i’m writing them down)

Delta Air Lines A330-300 KSEA/SEA - PANC/ANC - KATL/ATL - KMSP/MSP - the last KSEA/SEA ← in a few a minutes soon.

Hey! I would highly recommend bookmarking this thread on A330 routes. Here you will find plenty of 9hr + sectors and so much more.


A near 12 hour flight would be Frankfurt (EDDF) to Nagoya (RJGG).

VABB-EGLL/LFPG in Jet Airways A330,amazing route! And fully 3D too.😉

SKGO - LEBL | Avianca | 10:30h (New route in real life)

Hong Kong to Sydney: Cathay Pacific a330

Colombo To London Heathrow, almost 11 hours.
On SriLankan Airlines Airbus A330 as UL503.

ZUUU-KLAX Hainan A330 13hrs


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