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I have a question about liveries on the A330. I noticed almost all the liveries on the A330 are for the newest iterations of airline colors, which I perfectly understand. There are a lot of players who like flying what is being used currently in real-life, and these new liveries present that option. I know there is limited space, and these new liveries are the best option.

However, I did not know that this meant the older liveries were not to be considered. There was a post for the older K.L.M. livery, but after I commented on it, another user suggested that it should be closed because there already is a K.L.M. livery on the A330. The moderator then came and closed it, with the user stating it could be added on the A332.

Now I know the A332 has not been confirmed, and, consequently, there is absolutely no confirmation on liveries. Still, the old K.L.M. A330 livery is not the same as the current one, and this can be seen with the two, different liveries included on the same aircraft, like the B737 and B744.

I was not aware that their is a policy against further older liveries on the aircraft, and I wanted to confirm if this was true. Does this mean that all the new liveries on the A330 count as the old ones, like the Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, and Air Canada colors? If so, does this mean that all the requests for these older liveries are now invalid and we are not allowed to make feature requests for them?

I am very sorry if I am missing something , and appreciate any information. Thank you so much for your consideration, patience, and understanding.


Yep, I think you’re correct. There’s one exception though: American Airlines 😉

As far as I know, each livery requires a lot of resources to create, and so it is unlikely that the developers will include, say, two liveries (old and new) for the same airline. And, since they have to choose between old and new, they will likely choose the new one. There are some exceptions as @MxP says.

Tbh, the only option you would have is to make a another feature request. There are some old liveries that I do enjoy while some I don’t . It’s what he community wants tbh, not really what the Team wants.

To add to that, there is always the #features category for all kind of new features, aircraft or liveries to be added in Infinite Flight. You can share your ideas using that category and have a chance your wanted livery to be released!

The team has stated multiple times that they aim for diversity when it comes to livery selection, which means including as more airlines from as more regions as possible. Each livery takes storage space, so there is literally no room for a single airline to have both the old and new livery. If we see it with a developmental vision, it’s understandable for the team to choose the new livery.

As for American Airlines, that’s because the majority of the community are from the US. This situation is getting better though, as we’re seeing more and more liveries from Asia and Africa in recent aircraft releases.

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