A330 Landing Problem

Hi, Guys!

I’ve been trying to land A330 since many hours. You can see in given flimsy video that despite of too much flare and retard, its wheels are not touching the ground as a usual A330’s touch. Can anyone tell me whether infinite flight have this function of A330 tipical tilted wheel landing or not ? Or I’m doing error?

Landing Speed: 140knots
Full Flaps

Please see video in link. Its size was large so I couldn’t upload here. Thanks.


So in a stream I think or something, Laura said that it’s complicated to add the feature that you are talking about, I know what you are talking about, I agree but it’s a bit complicated and needs a bit more flexibility and time to work on.

(Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.)


Also do you mean like the gear doesn’t go on its back wheels?

i think this is what you meant.

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Thank you Booney!

Now it’s clear that A333 has not this function in Infinite Flight.

I’m talking about this function. See in the video.

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No problem.

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How this guy has landed A330 perfectly?

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