A330 landing gear bug

Thank you the problem doesn’t bug me and keep up the work

Project Metal is not its own release, per se. It’s the continuous implementation of new code (Metal and Vulkan, respectively) to replace the aging OpenGL ES code.

That said, since Project Metal is an ongoing task, parts of it have made their way into the sim. It’s not noticeable for the most part, however.

Therefore, there cannot be a set release date.

Feel free to check out the following reply from Philippe, as well as the official blog post, for more information:


When I touched I started to pull up more. So I had a +fpm I order to keep it up

I’ve noticed this too, I don’t mind the way the main gear slams down so much as how it sinks into the ground, which ruins the look of landings on replay at least, is it there on live as well? I also haven’t seen this happening on other planes as much as the A330.

Yea it’s also on live

Closing this as solution has been made