A330 landing gear bug

Yes I just test like 5 minute ago

Pointe made

it has to do with the animation component of IF coding. Im sure they are working hard to update it so we can have more and better animation. If im not mistaking, project metal should improve this

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Ahhhhh that is very epic thinking 💭

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I really hope so I want my takeoffs to look normal

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It’s even worse during landing:


Oh my godness pls devs fix

the gear in infinite flight, as previously stated, has a tilted and a non-tilted state, with no real state in between. this isn’t a bug unfortunately, it’s just the way it is (on every aircraft with gear tilt) it’s just more noticeable on the A333 because it has the most pronounced tilt

my guess is that the devs haven’t yet been able to figure out how to implement collision detection that would allow the gear to interact more realistically wirh the runway

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Not really a bug, it’s just how it is :)

The further back your device’s processing power goes, the more unreal it’s gonna look.

Thing is, they’ve made a tilting landing gear and tbh it’s only just over a year old and I can only guess future iterations of a tilted gear will improve how a gear reacts with the ground, or in the 330’s case, how “stiff” it is.

I completely agree here.

Just to quote Laura on the landing gear issue here, they know what the issue is, they’re probably working on it for the future.

I’m quite sure the same lines of codes for the 777 were grandfathered into the A330 too along with a few modficiations but no serious changes.

We know about those issues, this requires a bit more of a complex fix to properly handle intricate trailing gears. Philippe has experimented with a few things in parts of Project Metal that could help with this.


Thank you for the confirmation :)

does it work on offline mode?

Thanks so much for replying to my topic. I understand and didn’t know the background and struggles about this. Thanks for telling us and sorry for complaining

Laura, it is possible that the fall off of the gear when landing could be fixed. I mean, in real life the second axis keeps up until the nose starts to go down:

On infinite flight it will fall, which makes look all the butter landings ugly, to be honest. I heard that’s complex to do, but is it possible?


Yes, even with a good amount of flare, landing gear slams on the runway.

Yeah that’s what I’ve noticed. In real life the A330 main landing gear is less senitive at landings…

I mean just look at this landing I did earlier

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How was that possible? We all tried and it’s very difficult…

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Maybe this one was a real butter landing, and others some kind of soft landings only. 😉

You started to mention “Project Metal” more often, you guys are working on it so long. Do you hint that “PM” will release this year, for example? Because we have more and more bugs/glitches ect with every new version of IF, we don’t want to tolerate these issues.