A330 landing gear bug

What is wrong with the the gear and will this be fixed soon. Bc this looks really bad for movies


This is usually a replay mode bug that happens to everyone on every aircraft, I don’t think its that big of a deal but its a normal thing that happens in replay mode.


It’s actually also there during the actual flight. The behaviour of the landing gear is even more unrealistic than the 777’s. It seems to have a “flat” and a “tilted” state. It doesn’t want to go between either of the two. It even pulls the plane down when touching down, ruining even the smoothest of landings.

Kind of a bummer since this aircraft is specifically known for it’s smooth landings.


Yeah, it happens. I’m sure the developers are focusing on other things, but maybe it’ll be fixed in the future when they get to it. :smile:

Yea it’s so aonnying but it’s not the worst hope there I a fix

That’s weird. I’ve done 3 solo test flights and 2 live multiplayer flights on the A330 so far and haven’t noticed this bug yet, especially on landing. But I bet a hotfix will come out in a day or two to fix it.


I had a -132 and it looked a brick bc of the landing gear

Replay mode has very interesting physics. For example, stationary levitation first class to the moon - this is not out of the ordinary. :)

i flew 2 short flights and watched replays but i don’t get this error :v

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I also noticed that , the transition between tilted gears and flat gear is not smooth , even on butter landings and I’m not talking about replay this is live .

Maybe your butter landings were not that butter, -135 fpm is still some downward force, there are many tutorials on how to butter a landing.
Also, tyres are not soft in IF, therefore it reduces the smoothness of the landing.
This issue does not happen to me btw

I also have this problem. The landing gear tilting animations are not smooth at all…

how do you check your fpm on landing?

Use IF operations

Never said it was a butter it just shouldn’t look so hard and Ik exactly why it does.

Any mod or dev please confirm why the gear acts like that?

Seems like the gear tilt are magnetic to the ground after touchdown even though the landing was quite good

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Not sure mat

You are not sure about that, Luc?

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M not sure, this could just be a bug, this plane was just release, but when someone mentions the 777, I don’t rly know if it’s a glitch

Because I’m not sure either