A330 Landing flaps

I want to know when do I use flaps full during landing cuz whenever I used flaps full the plane become so flat and the nose is hard to point up. Airspeed around 160-175 when I used flaps full. Any idea when to use flaps full?


You use Flaps to keep the plane around the same pitch at a slower speed, so you usually do full flaps when you put the gear down, or at least thats how I do it.

Why are you landing at such a high airspeed?

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I landed at around 140 airspeed ever time. 165-175 is when I deployed

So when I touched down it’s around 123-128 ground speed

This may not be 100% accurate.

123-128kn GS on touchdown is too slow. 130-140kn is more of the normal range.

No clue if I’m doing it right, but by the time I get within 5NM. By then, everything else is set for landing including speed.

@Altaria55 I always fly Cathay Pacific and Cathay dragon and when they’re at 400-600ft their GS is always at 123-128. Have to say every time

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@Altaria55btw thanks for the a330 informations

I usually land with 3 flaps for the a330 because the physics are messed up…

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GS doesn’t matter at all during a landing, unless you mean KIAS

I hope you’re kidding.

Tailwinds, headwinds, both affect speed. With a 20kt tailwind, you could be landing at 140 knots IAS, but actually landing at 160 knots GS. That’s way too fast. With a 20 knot headwind, you could be flying at 135 knots IAS and landing at 115 knots GS. That’s stall zone.

I should have worded that as it doesn’t matter for the approach. As long as you’re landing into the wind, though, it doesn’t matter very much.

And by stall zone I don’t know what you mean. GS can’t make you stall. Landing at 115kts ground speed would be fantastic and lucky. Actually airspeed doesn’t make you stall, it’s AoA, which again isn’t affected in the slightest by ground speed.

@Scandanavian54super what I found out is flaps 3 is more likely a flaps full than actual flaps full

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Yes, I have noticed that too

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I already fly on their A333s too! I can definitely say that @Matthew_Wg is correct with his statement.

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@Vinne Also I used flight trader to check the flight I was in. So I am sure about that

Every Cathay aircrafts land at around 123-128 GS

Only CX aircraft? Not to sure about that…

For me it think it goes slightly up because that’s how A330’s land