a330 issues

Hey people,

Whenever I activate a flight on an a330, my screen goes grey and blurry. How can I fix this issue? Thanks :)



There have been previous reports of the A330 giving users many issues.

First, start with a restart of your device.


If that doesn’t help, then follow the steps below:

If you’re experiencing issues with the updated A330, please delete Infinite Flight from your device and install the latest version (19.2) from your respective App Store. A fresh install will resolve this issue.

You can also see this issue if you are in another aircraft, but have the newly updated A330 nearby.



Sure you’re running the latest version of IF? There was a hot fix for this bug a while ago.

Also typical things to try are app restart, device restart, and app reinstall if necessary

Just remember you lose all your replays.

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