A330 Issues

Hi all, I’ve been experiencing an issue when I’m in the a330. Normally, I climb to a cruising altitude of around FL350 to FL380 and a while into my cruise, I begin to lose speed and stall. Any idea what the problem could be? Maybe to high or heavy? Thanks!

I have had this issue before. You are probably too heavy for that altitude. Do step climbing ;)

@DeerCrusher made a post about how to solve this, but I don’t know where it is

I’ll try toying with different weights and altitudes, thanks.

No problem

Here it is! You can use this :)

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You can increase altitude as you get lighter as you fly…

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Hello! This is normal. You can step climb to about FL400 over 5-10 hours.

So what should my initial cruise altitude be?

Try this out


That’s what I was looking for actually

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Possibly FL320-40

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Thanks. I was cruising at FL390 with around 90% fuel. Thanks!

You need to step climb. The engines were nerfed a while ago. They used to go up to 117 N1 but now it’s around 105.

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