A330 is so much fun🤬

So I departed from Newark half an hour ago heading towards Lisbon. I was loaded with only a few passengers so I was pretty light. After passing 10000ft I left my device and climbed to the same altitude as my reference flight. I just came back to check on my flight and saw it in this graceful position, unable to help and looking right into the eyes of my downgrade just before it reached me:

For some reason the A330 flies completely different compared to the real one, as I exactly did what the real one did, but only I crashed.
I am fine though as I luckily only got one violation.


That’s why it’s being reworked. You should always monitor your flight during critical stages of flight, including climb and descent. :)


You should ALWAYS check flight until cruise

Also it isn’t a perfect model as it still isn’t reworked


Yeah I know it’s my fault, but it still annoys me how random this is. Why would the A330 do this to me

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We’ll never get a perfect model :) But it’s the ambition of course!


It’s not random. It’s quite obvious every time if you look at the replay :)
People climb to steep. Always.


Lesson learned here folks, if A330 wouldn’t have won whatever this dance is called would have been in TFRs by 21.1.


I climbed at 1800fpm and that’s what I was always told is perfect above 10k feet

What I mean is that the physics aren’t close enough for you to trust 100% that the plane will do the same as irl

Yea the A330 is one of the best planes to fly on IF now lol


1700 VS at a high altitude like that seems excessive, especially for a heavy aircraft. Also, make sure your speed is between Mach 0.80 and Mach 0.82.

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I mean the people climb steep but At least IRL the A330 can climb FL390 when light long haul when IF A330 can’t even climb to FL360 when light long haul it’s not like the A330 is soooo underpowered

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Ok thanks! I did 1800 since I have learned to do so on the IFC.
The .78 Mach was from fpltoif.com … I also wondered why it was so low…

This doesn’t tell much, all the fun starts a whole 6-8 minutes later

No, i know. It feels a bit under powered sometimes. Probably is too.

the A333 has a tendency to do that you gotta be faster than other aircraft to maintain the same v/s

Hello, If you want you can post it here (If you had fun) :)

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I certainly did when watching the last seconds before I got doomed 😂

I mean as I already said it was my fault, and I am not begging the devs to remove my violation, just a little fun picture

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Darn, those passengers turning their phones on in flight just ruins your day doesn’t it?

On a serious note though - this aircraft currently has a tendency to be weird cuz it’s an older model, so it doesn’t follow ‘realistic’ physics. It should be fixed in the rework!

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Is it just me or is the A330 underpowered In irl and in IF