A330 incorrect fuel burn

Hi , I’ve noticed the fuel burn for the A330 to be really inaccurate especially after during takeoff and during cruise. IRL the fuel burn during takeoff is around 24k per hour for both engines and in IF even with full thrust on takeoff the max fuel flow for both engines is only about 11k per hour so it’s like half of what the actual value is and during cruise the fuel flow shouldnt be 4600kg/h as stated in weight and balance but its more to 5500 to 5700 kg/h Fuel consumption table - Airliners.net check this link out , [ok] A330-200 Fuel Burn .


At least you can fly longer this way. 🙃

Even if i can fly longer i dont enjoy with the unrealistic fuel flow :) I always use simbrief to plan my flight and i always land with 1 to 2 hrs or even more extra fuel whereas IRL they land with maybe 1k of extra fuel only



It could very well be inaccurate, but it seems like the pages you’re referring to are extremely general. A plane is not unlike a car in terms of fuel consumption. The heavier it is, the more fuel it will consume per hours as the energy to move the vehicle forward will be greater. But all i can find in the documents is an average consumption that does not seem to take either weight, altitude or anything else into account?

Something i did find though, which we seem to be pretty spot to;

Cruise at m. 82
ISA, CoG 37%
FL350, 230tn
A332: 3328KG/ENG/HR
A333: 3356KG/ENG/HR

In Infinite Flight, I’m seeing approx. 3100kg/eng/hr.

Am i missing any numbers where it’s showing the takeoff consumption / cruise consumption that are considerably higher?


Thanks for that! I needed one PERMANENT one!

the advantage is that u can fly longer, the disadvantage is that ur too heavy and have to dump fuel, which is never a good thing

I got this link from piloteyes.tv the flight LX64 Swiss Air A330 from Zurich to Miami you can see it’s takeoff weight is just 214k tons and if you go down to the fuel checks and see the fuel burn they checked every hour it’s well above 6k .Take note at the waypoint BEXUm and SUMRS where they do the fuel checks u can see in the time span of 1 hrs the plane consumed 6400kgs of fuel whereas in IF it’s either below 5K which is too little for the this weight . Then by the end of their flight by the waypoint 4830N and SOMAX they’re still consuming around 5700kgs of fuel but i IF the value is probably 4300kgs and below which is way too little . Also by the waypoint SOMAX can see they have already burned 42k of fuel from their TOW of 214k which gives 172198 of weight they’re carrying and that is really light if u ask me but the fuel flow is still around 5.7k ish .

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Interesting. The reason i say that is because, that would mean the FCOM referred to in the topic i pulled my quote from… is inaccurate?

Their takeoff weight is one thing, do you have any numbers on what weight they were at during cruise?
You need to take pax + cargo into account as well.
When calculating things like this, you basically need a spreadsheet saying that the engines will burn X amount of fuel at Y altitude with Z weight from several different points of the flight.

I’m not saying you’re wrong though. But if you’re right, we can’t do anything without the level of data i just mentioned above.

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The info you provided above is 3328kg/engine or both engine? Because if its per engine then the total consumption should be 6k more . The weight they have during cruise it’s basically the TOW minus out the fuel burned

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It’s per engine, per hour.
When i checked in Infinite Flight, we were slightly below that burn. 3100kg/eng/hr… ish.

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Perhaps engine type would play a role too; there are three engine types as far as I know, that being Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney and CFM. Perhaps the differing engine types does also have a significant effect on the fuel consumption.

And it comes up with a value of 6200kgs but i am on a flight to VIDP now as we speak and i am getting a value of 4k per hour at the weight of 148842 kgs which means its 2k per engine? Do you want me to replicate a flight with 172000kgs of total weight and altitude and check the fuel flow on IF to see if it matches the one i send just now?

I doubt the differences would be that big because all of the engines produce the same amount of thrust regardless even if there’s a difference it should be minimal

We need this, with proper reference data. There won’t be any way for us to make changes otherwise.

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And where do you recommend me to find that?

That’s the thing, you can’t say something is wrong without knowing what’s right first :)
The FCOM is generally not something that is easy to get hold of, which is probably the reason why we’re off to begin with.

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And when you mentioned 6200k of fuel which phase of the flight that is? becuz i am talking about cruise

Cruise. Just as specified in the quote.

Really? I am no where getting near 6.2k during cruise more like 5k to 4.3k at the weight of 160k. Even at higher weights i am no where getting 6k only highest is 5.4k or 5.5 k ish

That’s 230.000kg. I used the specification that was referenced in the quote, from the FCOM. The heavier you are, the more fuel you will consume.