A330 ILS glidesope up and down pitch issue

I love flying the A330 but during a landing from LHR to JFK yesterday it seems to be bugging on approach. Similar to the A320 approach pitch issue I’ve previously touched on. Aircraft fully configured for landing using flaps full, pitch 20%+ and speed around 145 knots as was 36%load when landing. Approach mode used and as I slowed it to final approach speed the aircraft kept gradually pitching up so far above the glide slope then down again below it and so on. Really frustrating. I’ve been doing circuits with the A330 and that load and playing with speeds and still seems to do it. So frustrating. Used to be great and easy to config for landing using approach mode now it’s just annoying. Any help? ☹️

Could you tell us what the final approach speed you slowed down to? It might be a bit on the wrong side of slow! I understand you started your approach at 145kt.

Down to 145 (Airspeed). When then messing around with circuits and landings after I experimented between 130 and 150 at 36% load again, all the same issues ☹️☹️

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Well, It is not slow then… the only thing I can think off is the angle when catching the glidslope, lateraly and verticaly. I noticed that the A330 may need to be put on the slope by hand precisely before activating the APPR mode.

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At 140, I tend to bump up and down; but at 160, I do well. So stay around 160.

What I usually do (at about 180.000kg) is catching the glideslope at 180kt (flap 2), with as little angle as possible and already descending. After I have activated the APPR, I reduce power to drop speed gently while trimming gently up (from 45 at 180kt). I drop flaps 3 at about 160kt, then Full at about 150, still gently trimming up to a final 70 when reaching VAPP (about 138).
The important thing is to never fall behind the powercurve.

You trim a lot WOW!
Is it like this in real life because I trim 10% and I make good landings (off topic but…)


Well, I only trim to get rid of the purple bar… it does not seem unrealistic to me, but I could not be affirmative there


The A330 is a pain, but I tend to use +50% trim for landings in every config. both light and heavy! Because the A330 tends to have a nose-up attitude at approach!

And as @Tap_NEMO mentioned to have the purple bar as minimal as possible. The speed do have an impact on your approach → the speed should lay between 144 kts and 148/9!

160 is way to fast for the A330. 135 to 145 is usually the optimum approach speed.

I find its better to use manual power to control the airspeed. Autopilot Spd control causes a constant up and down fight with the pitch when locked on approach mode.

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Just done DUB to LHR landing 19% load. Followed your advise with the trim etc and intercepting the ILS proper before clicking approach and worked a treat! Just needed to de trim on finals as floated a bit. Thanks so much!!!

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Most welcome. I don’t de trim before landing, but I flare geeeeently! Same result, less workload for my poor head 😉

I was at 137 final app speed and still floated with heavy trim without the flare! Just as well that 27R is very long!!

Ah, I see… maybe you were a bit fast for your weight I always land at near MLW (I like having lots ofbPAX and fret…). I’ll check my files later and get back to you about a right vapp for that weight.

Yeah I did very light pax etc because Are Lingus A330 Dublin to Heathrow is rarely gonna be full haha

Yeah. I slow down when I hand fly the flare, but following the GS/APPR is 160 to keep it smooth.

You probably should have had a vapp of 131kt for your landing weight. Worth trying on solo.

Something standard:
210 KTS
At S Speed (~180 KTS) FLAPS 2
Manage to be at F SPEED (~140 KTS) before the 6 last NM
2000 FT / 6 NM GEAR DOWN
And the couple FLAPS 3 / FULL
Managed speed ON

Manage to catch G/S* at the FLAPS1 step (+4000 FT) or the GEAR DOWN steps (+2000 FT).