A330 has become a fuel guzzler on long flights

Hey, I had a little bit of trouble with the new A330 with the fuel, I did a long haul in a Korean Air A330 for the FNF in Seoul, I departed Brisbane with 16 hours of fuel and landed 9 hours 17 minutes later under the Maximum Landing Weight, can you possibly consider helping me on this sort of thing, thanks

Did you step climb?

Take a look at this:

I know the first sentence says “maintaining speed” and “altitude in cruise”, but fuel use is another part of step climbing.

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The Fuel figures in the app are an estimate only, it won’t take into account your weight, cruise flight level, cruise speed, wind, etc etc

Do you know your weights at take off and your cruise speed and flight level?

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16 hours of fuel is definitely too much for this route. This will make the aircraft heavier therefore consuming more fuel. I bet you had a pretty high N1, too.


What mach you cruising at this might be the problem it’s guzzling fuel ?

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I’ve forgot the weight at takeoff, but FL360 was cruise, M0.80 was the Mach (the usual cruise speed in an A330)

The usual for an A330 (M0.80)

Thank you, that did really help

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I put it the same as I do on every aircraft, 98% N1

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