A330 glitch

Every time a fly the a330 it climbs normal but when I’m almost to my cruise altitude the nose starts to pitch up more than it’s supposed to and then stalls and nosedives and it takes 10,000ft to recover. Does anybody else have this problem and will it be fixed with the rework

What is your aircraft load and what altitude are you climbing to?

What was your cruising altitude?

Luckily the A330 rework is coming soon! I also really dislike the current A330 physics


Is your load weight, trim, altitude set at a certain number?

I was climbing to fl320 at 2,500 ft at start then I changed it to 3,000 then when I got close to around 280 I Lowered it and then it started pitching up to much so I tried to bring it down but it wouldn’t go down I was only 500lbs above MLW

Was I climbing to steep for most airline planes my VS is between 2000 and 3000

What was your speed when you set the VS to 3000?

Can we agree VS should be 11000

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Actually it should be -11000

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