A330 flaps issue

Something is wrong with the A330-300. When I change from flaps 3 to full, the circle drops suddenly.

Aircraft load is below MLW at the time this was taken

This shows that the aircraft is at near stall

I’m at the right landing speed of around 135kts - 150kts (trust me I’ve flown many IF commercial planes, even the old A380 aircraft doesn’t have these problem)

When I switch back to flaps 3 @ 150kts, circle is above 0 degree attitude while nose still stays at the same attitude as shown in the picture.

I also found out that the autopilot heading isn’t coordinated with the roll, for example when change heading from 120 to 140 degrees, aircraft rolls to the right but doesn’t start to level off when nearing 140 degrees, it levels off when the heading indicator goes pass 140 (around 145) degrees making the aircraft roll the the left back to 140 degrees to correct its heading.

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These are known issues that will be addressed once the 330 is reworked.

Flaps 3 to F always hits me…


I also have this issue with the A330 which is why I always land with Flaps 3!


What about the heading issue?

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I would say that basically every oddity you can find on most of the old models are known :)

Most of them are unfortunately unfixable in an easy way and requires a rework.


Hopefully with the A330 rework with over 1000 votes will come soon so these problems will be fixed