A330 flap speeds

I’m just wandering what is the a330 flap speeds for arrival like at what speed do you drop the flaps for landing

Look in the cockpit, they’re next to the landing gear handle.

180 1
170 2
160 3 + Gear
150 4

Works perfect for me 🙂🙂


Those are the flap’s maximum extension speeds, something totally different to what OP is asking.

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Thx I will use that

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I completly forgot whether the PFD displays green dot (-o), -S and -F speeds.
In that case the Airbus will automatically wait at those speeds.
-o ~195 KTS
-S ~185 KTS
-F ~145 KTS
At -o you set FLAPS 1, at -S FLAPS 2, you reach -F. At +2000 FT/6 NM GEAR DOWN and FLAPS 3/FULL.

The best is to manage to set FLAPS 1 at G/S* or GEAR DOWN at G/S*

At each wait speed, there’s an orange mark in PFD as max next flaps speed

You have to be stable at +1000 FT, otherwise go around

Go around
TOGA, 15°, FLAPS N-1 / GEAR UP… FLAPS 1 (1+F) even from FLAPS 3.

for all Airbus


1@240 kts 2@205kts 3@196kts F@186kts

These are the descent speeds but I couldn’t Get it for takeoff

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