A330 flap settings

I’ve been having trouble and trying to figure out the flap settings for the a330, I’m finding that flap settings 1 and 1F don’t do anything,
For instance if I take off with flaps 2 and Retract to flaps 1F after takeoff I just about fall out of the sky, same for the approach and landing as well, find the flaps don’t actually work until I select flaps 2
Is it just me or this a known issue for now

They work, just flaps 1 move the flaps and slats out a little bit and flaps 1+F puts the slats out to full.

The A330 pretty recently got a rework. I’ve flown it not too long ago and haven’t experienced any issues. Could you please share a replay of your typical flight with the A330?

As well, can we have your “Weight and Balance” settings?

Also, you shouldn’t technically use the Flaps 1 setting during your initial climb from the aiport. So, lets say you’re taking off using Flaps 2, the next flap config should be Flap 1+F and then it’s 0.

For landing, it’s different. You shouldn’t use 1+F during landing and instead use just Flap 1. So it would go from Flap 1 directly to Flap 2, skipping Flap 1+F

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You need to adjust trim to counter the loss of lift. Also, we need to know what IAS you’re starting to retract flaps. It should be around 190knts. But 1+F is the standard setting for take off in an A330.

Thanks for the replies guys
I can post a replay after work but not to concerned about it was just asking, but if they are working then I must me piloting wrong haha ill just have to get used to how they work


Flap Limits, courtesy of www.janpolet.nl


According to my understanding of how an airbus cockpit works, there isn’t technically a “Flaps 1+F” slot on the flaps lever. However, there is a difference between Flaps 1 and Flaps 1+F. When he pilot moves the lever from Flaps 0 to Flaps 1 on the ground, or flaps 2 to flaps 1, flaps 1+F is configured. However, if the lever is moved from flaps 0 to flaps one in the air, flaps 1 is selected, where only the slats extend. In IF we have a dedicated slot for 1+F just in case people are unaware of this behaviour. This is why, if you are trying to simulate to highest realism, you should do this:


Hope this makes sense in a way, and someone correct me if I’m wrong.


The main problem I noticed is when switching between 1,1F and 2 I don’t notice any change between the the vector path indicator or the pitch indicator on the hud screen, usually extending or retracting flaps will slightly separate the two or bridge them closer together until the aircraft re stabilises
Anyway maybe I just need to learn how to fly it 😁

Takeoff FLAPS 1+F or 2
Landing FLAPS 1, 2, 3, F

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