A330 Flap Display

First of all amazing work with this update. The A330 only has one small issue. The flaps aren’t displayed properly on the display below the engines. Looks like they’re not quite in sync. I have attached a few images below.
I’m running a Galaxy Tab S7+ and the latest version of IF (21.4)


There is also a problem with the flaps and spoilers rendering


It’s a known issue that will hopefully be fixed in the near future


LOL the plane just got released. how u gonna say this is a “known issue” 🥴

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It is a problem with the rendering

This is most likely a known issue. Just because it’s just been released to the public doesn’t mean it hasn’t been pointed out in previous phases of testing. 🥴

Give the Devs a break. They’ve done a great job! 😍

This issue is unrelated to the original post; it is indeed a known issue with the rendering and is not A330-specific. Thanks for bringing it up, though!

@Nils_Esser Thanks for the report. It’s also a known issue which has slipped through beta testing (it is tracked). I have high confidence it’ll be iterated upon later on :)


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