A330 Family Rudder Aligment

I frequently fly the A330 series aircraft and absolutely love the new updates with the wing flex and so, but when yawing at a high degree at any time (on ground, taxiing, in flight) I noticed the upper part of the rudder appears to be out of alignment with the hingeline. Please address this issue, thank you.

Don’t get it…
But On Ground with turned off engines, The rudder does that…
I think this is not a feature request.
Watch This For More Info:

This issue will be addressed when the aircraft is given a full rework.

You can vote for the full rework here:


Not only on ground it does that all the time

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Man you have no idea what you’re talking about

Even though the early 2019 rework has already been done for the A330 family and presented via the 18.3 update or so, there still are some small problems the staff team and the IFC have missed. This is a new problem I found out a couple of days ago, it’s an axial aliment error in the model’s animation which should be an easy repair in their rendering/animation systems. Plus the post you provided is from 2016.

The rework that we got previously was only a soft rework and no animations or physical changes were made other than adding wing flex. It was mainly a physics update.

As said above it will probably be corrected in a future rework. Most people don’t fly with this view so there’s no urge I guess.

Look when you develope a game one of your goals is to make everything as flawless as possible. A small problem like that is better to be fixed than say, ignored.

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Alright @DeerCrusher please close this thread.