A330 engines are very weak!

The a330 is one of my favorite aircraft to fly, but every time I decide to fly it long haul with over 11 hours of fuel and a VS of 900fpm below 20,000 feet, the aircraft uses almost 100 percent N1 for climb.Pls fix this


If the aircraft load is heavy, it will have a harder time climbing.


Hey there, while the A330 engines are weak in general, do you mind sharing how heavy you were when you were climbing through FL200?


I am flying rn from ATL to EGLL and the load is 466,670lbs

I can never get it to climb above FL320 even when am trying to step climb.

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Yeah I made a typo 😂😂

At loads that high, it’s normal for the N1 to be that high. You’re going to want to climb at 1000 feet per minute at most, and in some cases, I would go as low as 500 feet per minute. If you observe most long haul A330 flights, you’ll notice that they can’t go too high given how the engines is not as powerful as those on other planes.


Thank you for the explanation.

Unfortunately you cannot fix what isn’t broken. 🙂


correct, found this out the hard way when I fell out of the sky.

I remember the days before I discovered step climbing, back in the training server. I tried to fly an A330 at 41,000 feet when it was at 97% MTOW, that didn’t end well. Left it when it was climbing through 29,000, came back, two level one violations and 300 dead people, whoops.


How fast were you flying too? Many players tend to chose some rather fast cruisespeeds that probably wouldn’t be used on a real flight with that aircraft type. If you’re too fast then the engines will need to work quite hard just to even maintain that speed, of course they then don’t really have much power left for the climb

😂😂 I’ve never crashed it YET

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