A330 engine sounds

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I gotta share this video of an A330 take off with the most amazing engine sounds ever. I really hope the rework will come with these amazing engines sounds, my god i need this sound in IF.



As engine sounds are now Infinite Flight’s target for every new model developed, I am hopeful that we will receive new engine noise for the Airbus A330. But this doesn’t mean that we will.

I did notice that they are likely to add only one new engine sound out of other manufacturers, either Rolls Royce or any other A330 engine manufacturer. After looking back into the Boeing 757 and 777 reworks.

Since you are talking about a new feature to be implemented, this topic category should belong to #features. Even though it is preferable to use the original A330 rework thread to continue the discussion, the topic was closed some time ago. Hopefully a new 21.1 update topic will open to continue the discussion.


nahh i aint requesting anything, just sharing this amazing engine sound and hoping anything similar will be implemented to the rework. thnx for the info, really looking forward to the update, cant wait


The a330 has like a amazing Spool up then it goes the silent

the spool up is amazing, but indeed the RR’s go silent, the PW’s sound totally different. It more or less becomes a more bass like sound. the low freq’s

It’s actually cause its being filmed from behind the engine. Sitting in front of the engine will change its sound in just about every aircraft in the world :)


My reply that I would’ve put in this thread

I Personally love the A330 the sound when the engine spoils up its such an amazing sound. Makes me so excited. At the same time it makes me sad because in Australia Virgin Australia has stoped using the A330s and it was my favourite aircraft to fly on coast to coast.

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but not in IF, only in exterior

Some info about those beauties

worked on the CF6-80E1 on the A330 actually, but by looks i prefer the trent 700 on the A330

Trent 700s all the way

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