A330 Engine Sound Pack

the PW4168A’s of the -323 version are my favorites, I tasted the F-OONE ( a retired A330-323 from air caraibes); and also tasted the Trent 770-6b of the F-GRSQ ( from an A330-243 of XLAirways , an airlines wich has desapered few months before COVID-19 due to bankrup…)

I felt in love when the PW4168 pushed us ahead with their particular sound.
Just Unforgetable


We haven’t had any P&W sounds yet though. The GE CF6 was a little quiet in my opinion.

The CF6 sound is decent

Here is the sound when you sit at the wing which I did when I flew to Malaga in 2019. And the CF6 start up.


Holy moly! This looks like he took off maybe a bit too harsh and nearly had a tail strike!


It’s decent but not the best among all imo

it only roars after power reduction, which is quite uninteresting

Classic CF-6s such as those found in DC-10s did actually sound pretty nice, and had the iconic idle whine.

Hello everyone. We need this bumped up. As I really want CF6 to be the engine sound.

RR Trent 700 is still the best. :-)


I like the Rolls-Royce engine sound better


We need this.

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I’d say the GE CF6

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Save the CF6 for the MD-11, 767, 747-4 reworks.

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No it’s GE.

I can see for the 767 rework, but there’s going to be many tugging the RB211s for the 744.

Just love how the high pitch whine gets superseded by the low growl🤌🏾

The 747 has to have the RR engine sounds


To be honest, I think RR engines sound the best on average out of any manufacturers.


The howl of the Trents spooling up, the buzzsaw and the reduction to climb thrust after takeoff make them the best sounding engines ever (to my ears).


@MishaCamp My dream is to have the CF6 sound in the game as Aer Lingus have CF6 fitted on the A330-300 fleet. RR would be very unrealistic for the EI engine sound and for Aer Lingus virtual. Please please make it happen. 🤞🤞🤞🤞