A330 Engine Sound Pack

Hello everyone hope your all keeping well. The A330 rework has been going brilliantly thanks to the moderators that are getting the A330 into shape. With the A330 rework. We have Rolls Royce engines on the 777s and 757 but we should get a different engine. The GE CF6. It would be a nice change instead of Rolls Royce again.

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I think 777s have the GE soundpack

It’s RR mate @AvioesEJogos

I think that Josh may mean Rolls Royce engine sounds? He knows that there are multiple engine types on the reworked 777 family.

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I’m pretty sure it’s GE tho. If u wanna continue, PM me

Just did some digging. The sound packs from the B777 family are from the GE90 engines, while the B757 sound packs are from both the RB211s and to be added at a later date, the PW2000s.

So it would be great if we could get this again for the A330-300 rework so we can enjoy realistic engine sounds from the aircraft in question.


just the RB211s. PWs sound very different.

I have edited my previous post to include the announcement that the PW2000 engine sounds will come at a later date.

This is engine, not soundpack

To compare sound:
PW 4000

Rolls Royce Trent 700


See which one you like best for sound


Trent 700 sounds bland. An Aer Lingus A330 with those bad boys (CFM 6) would be perfect


Both sound good, tho it would be a nice change to have some CF-6s.


The video with the Delta 330 is actually equipped with Pratt and Whitney engines. Either way some diversity with engine sounds would be nice and so far the team has done a great job.

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its the GE90s

Its GE 90s

This isn’t a GE CF-6
Delta A330s are equipped with PW4000 engines

I actually think that the A330 should get a PW4000 sound pack tho
Both the Trent 700 and the CF-6 sound bland imo


Just bc TAM used PWs I see lol

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No lmao

I’ve flown A330s with RR engines and GE engines irl and they both sounded bland

PW4000 has the most different sound between all of them

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Hopefully we can get both depending on the engine type

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I hope they add the GE CF6 engine sound because I think it sounds better than Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines.