A330 Cockpit

Can anyone send me a photo on how the A330 cockpit looks in IF? I’m thinking of buying it since I got an iTunes card today. Anything will help!

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My profile picture 🙂

It’s hard to see as I’m on mobile.

Does it work the exact same way as the A380 cockpit?

Never mind. I didn’t see the infinite flight part sorry. My profile pic is a real A330 cockpit flying at night with some lighting on.

Oh, well it looks cool from a small picture anyhow!


Hope this helps you make your choice it describes the entire aircraft :)

Its a pretty aircraft. Mind the heavy yoyo when using the flaps. Or maybe its just me with the bad skill.
And it lands at 120kts, so make sure you´re trimmed to 70% to achieve a nice landing.

Thank you, just read it and it seems pretty awesome!

I don’t necessarily use trim all that often but I might begin to use it more now that I will buy the A330.

You might want to. Trim is useful to avoid pulling your phone towards your stomach, and since the A330/340 land with the nose pointing up, you’ll have to use the correct trim setting. Its done with practise, use the approach function a couple of times and see how much trim you need to use to:
A) Control the aircaft’s ROD without needing lots of corrections (you land it at 120kts aprox).
B) To have its nose pointing upwards while at the same time not pulling your phone towards your stomach.
If you want I can make a video to show you what mean.

Bit of a warning with this aircraft, its an intermediate level flying, so unless your a “good” flyer don’t bother with this aircraft.

Its old. If its updated it´ll fly better.[quote=“Skylines, post:13, topic:25801”]
intermediate level flying
Maybe its because this aircraft´s VS goes from -1000ft/m to +1000ft/m when using the flaps for landing.

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That to, but mostly its actually the descent on landing, very touchy when it comes lifting the nose, sometimes you climb sometimes you stall.

If only IF supported gear tilt🤔


Would look great with approaches! Especially when VHHH is ready :D

Eventually… 😩

I think I’m a good flyer, I can fly all planes well I think, I’m pretty bad at taxiing and parking, though xD

You´re not alone on that one.