A330 Climb Rate

Hi everyone. Anyone here noticed many of the A330 took almost close to 30 min to climb to cruising altitude ? Why is that? I seen B777 and all other heavy planes only took 20 min or so never seen them climb so slowly . Is this a company policy thing with the A330 or the A330 is derated to the max ? Check out the link below and count the time from departure till cruise altitude.

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The A330-300 is quite a heavy aircraft compared to the A330-200 which goes up like a bullet.

I imagine it did just have a bit more weight possibly from a rise in passengers, or more likely, cargo such as medical supplies to Australia.


I don’t really see a big problem there. A lot depends on how long it takes for such an aircraft to reach flight altitude. A first point is that not every airplane can climb at the same speed. There is also the exact altitude and the weight of the aircraft. This can all be related.

I didn’t say it’s a problem but i am curious to find out why many Airbus A330 or the A350 as well climb so slow . Becuz on a long haul B777 flight i dont see them climb so slowly . My point is to find out the reason why they do that when they can just climb quickly and get out of other traffic’s path and i m sure the ATC won’t appreciate the slow climb either


The A350 is one of the quickest climber, however the A330 and the A340 don’t have a great thrust to weight ratio so a slow climb is required.


Hmmm then i assume the company wanted to derate so much to climb slowly?

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Yes that is true when I climb I need to do it at a slow rate or else I will start to lose speed.

I always follow this performance chart and yes because the a330 doesn’t have that much power compared to the 777

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I mean the real life A330 . As u can see from FR24 they took almost 30plus min just to climb to FL390 . I doubt the real A330 is underpowered like IF idk if they did that on purpose to save fuel or company policy to derate the engine to max and do a slow climb

I feel like the A330 is underpowered in in IF .

The 777 has stupid powerful engines, so I won’t be surprised if they can push it up at a higher climb rate. It might also be a bit more economical for the A330/A350 to climb up more gradually than the 777, and that might factor down to aerodynamic design and engine power. And, like others said, the specific weights of the planes as well as the weather on a given day also play into factor.

In IF no doubt it’s underpowered but what bout the RL ones? They climb so slow as compared to other aircrafts

I don’t think this is involving Infinite Flight, rather something found on FlightRadar24. However, the physics of the A330 in IF are up to date so there shouldn’t be a problem.

How much does the A330 weigh compared to 767 or 772 ER

Obviously lighter .

The main thing is that the 77 has super overpowered GE90 engines of which A330 cannot compete with

So this could be an engine thing right.

Yeah but still 34 mins or more is really longggg for a real A330 and i m not talking abt IF A330 now

Well it is much more economical to do a slower climb, keep in mind that it is very hard for airlines right now during the COVID crisis so they are trying to be as economic as possible

Not really cuz the A330 in RL is powerful compared to IF but not overpowered like the B777 GE90 but it’s still powerful