A330 Climb Performance

Im currently flying CX flight 430 from Taipei to Seoul in an A330 and trying to simulate the real flight as much as possible. On flightradar24, the flight climbs immediately to FL410 from the start. Problem is, Im currently cruising at FL410 but in order to maintain M0.80, which is still short of the A330 cruise speed of M0.82, it’s trying to push 100% throttle. I am at 30% fuel, 40% load, no flaps, no trim. Is there a problem wiht me or just the IF model…? Do I just have to cruise at a lower altitude?

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Have you read this link A330 Recommended Profiles

Deercrusher explains that the A330 is and sensitive to weight and altitude.

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The first thing is that you do not know the weight of the real-world flight, so it’s impossible to replicate the flight 100% accurately unless you have this information.

And despite the fact that the A330 has been soft-reworked recently, there are still bound to be some issues because it was not a full rework of the flight model.

From personal experience, the A330 does tend to require a lot of thrust at the higher altitiudes. For Infinite Flight purposes (at the moment), I suggest not climbing straight to FL410 and do make sure you’re flying at M0.82 and not using 100% thrust.

It’s not ideal, but it will have to do for the time being.


I had that problem I lower my altitude down 1-2,000 feet and seemed to work have fun with your flight

Final climb altitude on any given flight from Flightradar24 is not necessarily the flight level you have to fly it at. It depends on which altitude gives the most advantage from salient factors like winds aloft and fuel burn.
I have noticed the same from the A330 so tend to choose lower cruise levels than stated in simbrief.
Generally I think since the light rework this plane has the best physics of any heavy in IF.

Checking up on this flight, and IRL, due to low amount of fuel required for this 2hr flight, it is able/capable to climb to FL410 most of the time, with a few exceptions. For various reasons, such a traffic in the sky, weather and weight of the overall flight, CX430 has many time flown at FL330, FL350, FL370 & FL390, which are altitudes you can choose to fly from. Anything of an odd number is your go here. If you are unable to maintain a safe speed at FL410, and are at risk of stalling or perhaps running of out fuel before you near your destination, then I recommend, not climbing that high up… though from personal experience, as others has said, the A330 in IF, needs more thrust to maintain optimal cruising speed at high altitudes, yet I’ve been able to do 7hr flight with the A330, and flown from start to end, at FL410…

The weight of you aircraft, the amount of passengers, cargo and fuel, does determine, quite a lot on how far up you can go right away, without the need of step climb. So, in that sense, you may be too heavy as, and not necessarily replicating the IRL, CX430 and it’s weight and other circumstances it meets as it climbs to FL410.

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Other things that may help include programming the A330 of infinite flight directly into Simbrief. As useful as FpltoIf is, the Simbrief integration is not ideal when trying to replicate a flight in the way you describe above. Often the weights of the aircraft in IF - OEW, ZFW, MTW etc - are different to those programmed into Simbrief, which are the ones FpltoIF uses.
This may sound petty, but it is necessary to use this Simbrief feature if you plan of flying seriously in Infinite Flight! Do not go directly to FpltoIf if realism is your aim!

you might need to add some trim

Depends on your load-the power to weight on the IF retooled A330 seems a tiny touch low for the RR engines at 320kn/72K lbs/thrust. A fully loaded A333 from ATL-HNL goes right on up to FL360 and steps to FL400 over the 11 hour flight (I checked pax count and guessed on bags/cargo) Same for a fully loaded A332 on BOS-HNL-it’s been FL340/FL360 initially and then step it to FL400 towards the end.

I’ve taken some readings off the A330 using simbrief and we found a Perf factor of -10 works fairly decent-BUT the altitudes the A330 normally flies (360 initial and step by 2K) even when loaded seem a bit much for the IF version as the power sits at 90% or more.
Below are some readings from the transcon I used the A333 on.
Simbrief has a new feature that allows you to input an altitude offset so that if Simbrief thinks initial cruise should be FL360-you can use that offset to keep it to FL340 initially. I’m going to attempt a ~10 hour long haul either tomorrow or Wednesday and do some more testing. Of course it’s difficult when simming to get all the numbers at each waypoint at least a baseline will be established


You can input into simbrief the exact numbers IF’s aircraft use. It’s a much better way to get a baseline fuel factor and also easier to work with once you’ve got the fuel factor.

That’s what I’m saying, yes.

Ok-just want to make sure everyone knows you can adjust the weights via simbrief to create a custom fleet of IF planes.

Agreed, it’s definitely a feature worth using

I even take it a step further and get pax numbers for each aircraft I fly-jetBlue Mint A321=159 pax/Core A321 200 pax @170lb
Makes for accurate fuel burn when you roll in the perf factor

It’s gotta be done! Usually I’d try the airline’s website first, but if that fails then SeatGuru is my go to - even if it means counting each individual seat…

SeatGuru almost always has numbers of F/J//W/Y seats so it’s easy math.

almost indeed. Unfortunately, not always :(

There may be one or two liveries I can think of in IF that wouldn’t be on SeatGuru…

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