A330 camera glitch

I switched to the tail camera view on the A330 and all I could see was this.



Are you zoomed in or panned at all? And are you sure you are in the ‘tail’ view and not another view?

All I did was go on tail view and this automatically happened.
I dint zoom or anything

Ok, this is strange. Can you please, if it is possible to do so, the following:

  • Restart your device
  • If this doesn’t work, please try to reproduce the issue on another A330 livery.

I am not facing the isse in another livery on the A330

What livery are you using when this occurred?

Garuda Indonesia

Ok, could someone with a pro subscription please try to recreate this issue?

Alright, I’ll try this later.

Unable to reproduce.

Your best attempt would be to restart your device, as recommended earlier. Alternately, you can try to clear your scenery cache. I know it doesn’t seem like the solution; however, I do this when I experience a camera issue, and it solves it.


OK, the OP may have accidentally altered the camera position already by accident. Could you please @kk.aviation try to do this again without touching the screen except for the camera button.

I have this issue all the time on the a330.

Not really a big deal though.

It will go away if you switch to other cams a few times

I tried it again and as @Toon said the issue was happening in the begining but vent away after I changed the camera a view a few time

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