A330 bouncy landing

How can I avoid the a330 from bouncing after appr landing?


Using Appr is more than nine times out of 10 going to give you a roughly day the only thing I’ve been able to figure out to try and soften it using this is to use a lot of trim Once the power goes to idle increase the trim by 10 to 15% and you might be able to soften it a little bit

Bouncing could be caused by a variety of reasons but most of it boils down to you dropping too fast or coming in too fast. Aim to be extremely stable on final approach (you should barely have to move your device/easily fly with one hand) and then cut power as you flare.

I consider that the Airbus A330 is a very good plane made by IF, if you have a good angle of attack and the correct speed when touching down it will not have any problem, remember seconds before touching down, cut power so you help the plane to fall firmly.

I hope it helps you 😃

I would practice it in solo mode with the short final function. This allows you to practice the right combination of control inputs over and over again without interruption or delay between tries.

Keep an eye on the FVP (small circle). It’s below the horizon as you descend, showing (how fast) you are going down. If you bring it up as close as possible to just below the horizon as you touch down, you will not bounce.

The tricky part is keeping the FPV under your pitch control as you go from descent to touch down.

FPV control comes from controlling your airspeed. If you get too slow, you won’t be able to pull it up to the horizon. If too fast, you’ll float down the runway. Don’t get too fast or too slow - use power to keep airspeed about right.

GUARANTEE: If the FPV is nudging just below the horizon as you touch down, you will NEVER bounce.

In my experience Bounce during landing happens due to,
Air speed not too low
Ft/sec rate is too high
Hard touchdowns

Increase speed and remember the A380 is tall, so you need to flare earlier


From what it appears I believe you bounce is due to your landing technique! To land the A330 you should have the speed within 135 - 150 knots. In terms of the land technique I use the CCH method

Check - 50 feet eyes to the end of the runway
Close - Idle throttle and begin flare at 20 feet
Hold - Hold the AOA until touchdown

I hope this helps.

Safe landings!

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Hey! I have only gotten a smooth APPR approach with playing around with the trim settings over time, but mostly i hand fly my landings!

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