A330 Bonanza! @ TNCM - 041300ZAUG16

Yeah! That landing required some heavy rudder action.


Great event! Kudos to @Kyle.Plane for coordinating it.

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Good event. Some pilots weren’t so good but for the most part it was very enjoyable

Your feedback and comments are welcome.

Flight speeds weren’t that homogeneous but all in all, it was fun to participate.

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@Kyle.Plane good event. Would you be interested in joining mine tomorrow?


One last spot left

Sign me up for the event!! I love the a330

Thanks everyone! Here are some screenshots:image


I was waiting for pushback for like 5 minutes becouse the line for takeoff was all the way to gate AO1. (The Turkish Cargo A330 at the gate on Kyle’s last picture.)

Yea, when I was about 10 or something miles from the airport there was still a long queue lol

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Damn! That event most be really fun, however i couldn’t be there :(

Sorry guys couldn’t be their

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