A330 Bonanza! @ TNCM - 041300ZAUG16

when should we start to go

Ok thanks!

Another heads up guys, DO NOT exceed 290 KIAS climbing from 10,000 ft to the final cruise altitude (20,000 ft)

See you all in 10 mins

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I’m SWISS at C03

@Lin_Yifan due to wind conditions Runway 12 is inactive. Should we still use it?

I’m Aeroflot btw.

Is someone going to record our landings?

Not that I know of, no

sorry for the constant changes, but we will stick to the original flight plan despite the tailwind

do we have an atc?

Can we wait 5 mins to take off, I just woke up

Ok who is taking off first

Sorry, I’m late but i’ll come in a minute.

Pushback now?

Guys I can’t handle it… I need the 787 sorry if I offended anyone or caused any disturbances by leaving.

should we start to descend now

That was a windy approach, my yoke was going bonkers!

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Thanks to everyone how came! @Lin_Yifan and I are possibly gonna do another one of these, we’ll post it soon.

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I might be ATC next time because the lack of 360’s was disturbing.
Anyway here are some pictures.