A330 Bonanza! @ TNCM - 041300ZAUG16

Could you reserve me a gate? B04?

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Do you guys want to make this a weekly thing where we fly one aircraft family? Different region everytime.

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Sign me up, hopefully I wake up in time for the event

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Event is tonight guys! Which liveries are you guys coming in?

What’s time is it at

Can I have a gate b05

Definetly going if the time is ok

I will be there! Can u reserve a gate for me???

SAS or Egypt Air not sure yet.

I’ll come, I’ll take CO1 please

I would like Gate D4 please. And I will come.

We should use runway 12 for landing, since that wouldn’t require a back taxi to parking.

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Gate E2 please.

Sure ok. Copy my flight plan later, we won’t be using the same one on here, sorry.

Don’t forget to take screenshots guys!

Did it change a lot?

Just some minor changes near TFFR.

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I’m coming

Quick thing, should we all use the same vs (vertical speed) that we will climb at? It might help make it a more structured flight. It’s just a thought, don’t worry if you don’t want that

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For the A333, keep 2000 ft/min

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