A330 barely taking off

Is it me or the A330 feels heavy on takeoff?

What I mean is that yesterday It took me nearly all of the runway at Entebbe Airport (90% N1 thrust and 1+F flaps) and upon takeoff, I almost stalled out.

Am I using the wrong flap settings or is it me that is doing it wrong?


Most likely this you should go check out the performance thingy that shows the amount of flaps you use for when taking off due to load


Ah yes here it is


depends on the weight of your plane and then setting the correct flap setting. maybe you rotated at a too low airspeed? or you didn’t set enough trim, because I also noticed that the A330 needs quite a big amount of trim when taking off.

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If you are able to provide the weight of the aircraft & the runway length I’ll be able to provide you the ‘official’ V1, Vr and V2 for your takeoff straight from the manual.

In any case, in the Airbus you can takeoff with either Flap 1+F, 2 or 3, with 3 being used for very short runways. It’s hard to say without any data from your end.

Also if you’re very performance limited (heavy, short runway), you can opt to use maximum thrust (TOGA in Airbus terms). The extra 10% can give you the extra performance you need and TOGA is indeed used in real life where the performance is limited :)

(The idea that you can’t use max thrust on takeoff is more or less a myth! Sometimes in the real aircraft you’d have to turn off the air conditioning packs - which take bleed air from the engines normally hence reducing available thrust - to give you even more performance).


There are many factors that come into account regarding the length of a takeoff-roll.
1: Entebbe is an airport located at 1100 m above sea level (3000ft ~)
2: The heavier the aircraft is, the longer it will take for it to gain some speed
3: With the two factors mentionned above, you would prefer using flaps 2 in the A330 or 15° in a Boeing.
4: I don’t know the winds, but if there were few wind, the aircraft uses more runway, or if there is too much wind from behind, the aircraft is not in a good situation.
With all these factors combined, VR must be around 160-165 kts, you must’ve rotated too early.
In addition to that, the A330 is underpowered compared to other aircrafts.

  • Weight
  • Runway Length
  • Airport Altitude
  • Temperature

It’s all fun and game until you realise IF is an actual simulator.

I made a comment about flex not being used as often however it was based on specific cases (somewhat short runways in Zürich)

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You may have been heavy so try flaps 2 with 95% thrust on takeoff. A330 is just not as powerful as the rest.

I put in 10% trim and that already makes a difference. My throttle is also at 95%. That is high but still in the green zone.

Try taking a look at the following blog.

There is many things that effect that.

  1. Weight
  2. Winds
  3. Temperature
  4. Flap settings

This also applies to takeoff settings.


You need 95%+N1 to takeoff sometimes. Even cruise requires close to 90%N1 so you are not going to take off with that.

I have also had a same experience like this
It is most definetly the flap setting

Or high takeoff weight

A330 rotates really quickly but it takes a long time to build up speed. You’re probably going to need closer to 97-99% N1 on any heavy takeoff with it, especially at an airport away from Sea Level (also use Flaps 2)

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Use simbrief for takeoff speeds and weights. I am AKL-SYD right now and my speed felt perfect

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Yes,👍, its always been that way, but no matter what you do it wont get better, you could try flaps 2.

In terms of power to weight ratio, the A330 is actually significantly underpowered and is quite sluggish when getting airborne, especially with heavy loads, you will need between 97-100% power with flaps set at 1+F when taking off depending on your load.

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i would say use flaps 2 pretty much all the time. simbrief recommends that setting . also what was ur load? entebbe is located quite high above sea level so you need more lift.


Yep pretty much.