A330/B757 Wing flex issue

I am seeing the fixed wing and the wing with flex at the same time. This is happening on all A330/B757’s. This was happening before the release of 21.4 so I am not sure why that isn’t being fixed?

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There are several graphic issues I have seen since 21.1 They have been brought to light here before in the Community so I won’t list then again. The answer to paraphrase " We are or the developers are aware of these or this and will address the issue in the future.

Well haven’t seen much fixed yet. The issue of wing flex brought up here and others are aircraft specific not overall game performance.

All in good time…there is alot for the IF teams to do.

From my observation this bug will happen when switching cameras between “normal” and “locked”: this seems to cause the game to render an extra plane model at you current location. Moving and zooming can temporarily fix the bug (the extra model will disappear).

For now, I would recommend avoid switching between these 2 angles too often.

That makes a lot of sense, thank you.

Woah that’s weird. I’ve spent a couple of hundred hours on the 2 aircraft till now and haven’t seen it. Do you have steps to reproduce other than switching from normal to locked view? I want to test it out a bit. Also, does it go away at any point or just stays like that the whole flight?

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