A330 autipilot disengages?

Hi, this is the second time that I have set my autopilot on the A330 appears to have disengaged during flight and I’ve crashed.

I was flying from LAX to Moscow, set all the parameters, and walked away for about an hour. Came back and I had crashed and flagged for overspeeding.
Not sure if anyone has had similar issues, or is this known, just making a note before I head off to bed.

This may be that you were simple too heavy for an altitude, which caused the aircraft to decrease speed and stall.

The autopilot would automatically disengage and the aircraft would fall, most likely causing speed violations and resulting in a crash.

What altitude did you set it to? Did you go to bed before you reached cruise? How heavy were you?

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Can You share the replay. It’ll be helpful to understand ur situation better

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