A330 approach issue - have you experienced this as well?

Hello community,
I don’t know whether this has already come up, but after researching a while on the forum I haven’t found a topic covering this and I’m wondering whether I’m the only one experiencing this.

Today I was on final with my A330 for RWY24 at EDDK. At 2000ft AGL I was fully configured and established on the localizer, slight crosswind of 8knts.
The aircraft load was 50%, I had lots of fuel left…
So I was approaching with about 130kts and everything was looking good. Pitch was about 2°, airspeed and vertical speed constant, just a normal approach.
Then, at about 1500ft AGL it happened: All of a sudden the flight path indicator dropped to a pitch of about -5° on the HUD and the VS increased from -700 to almost -2000ft/min, as if I got a lot heavier from one second to another. I had to increase the airspeed from 130 to 160kts to regain control of the aircraft.

Note: I don’t fly the A330 that often, since the global update like three times or so, but already there I’ve had the same issue. I just remember that prior to global,I never had this problem at all, no matter which weight configuration I used.

Sorry if this has already been brought up, but as I’ve said, I didn’t find a similar topic so far.

Happy landings,

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This problem happened to me too. I was flying KATL - DNMM and on final approach the aircraft suddenly began to descend at almost -3000fpm. Had to do the same thing: Increased the speed to around 160kts and landed.

I’ve flown the A330 pretty often but it has never happened before.


130kts sounds a bit low for an A330-300 on final. Try landing at 140-145kts

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That happens once you move flaps to full. You can test it out on Solo.

What I do when I fly this aircraft is to be prepared to pull the yoke when I move the flaps to full.

Of course, this is not something that should happen IRL, but it’s just the aircraft’s in-game physics.

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The A330 has a fairly low approach speed in IF. With 140kts and full flaps you would approach nose-down.

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Skip full flaps and stay at Flaps 3 and you’ll be fine :)

Yes, it’s a weird thing that came with Global… but it will be taken care of whenever we get to rework the A330.


Good to know, thanks :)

i did an A330 pattern today only. Although 130kts sound a bit low for A330 but then there is something wrong with A330. on full flap you have to get your speed way down to maintain a positive pitch on final.

Also even with 10knt of headwind today the airspeed was fluctuating a lot during takeoff run.


I guess i’ve never experienced this before since i’ve never landed the A330 with full flaps 🤷‍♂️

Good to know what happens if you do 🤔

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Jep, better don’t start doing so… won’t do it from now on either.


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