A330 APPR feature

I have used the APPR on the a330 a few times now and it seems like it isn’t as good as the APPR on other aircraft. The autopilot will not land the plane in the touchdown zone but instead about 50m or more after. I am sure I am using the APPR properly and this has nothing to do with crosswind either as I tried it on solo with no wind. Has anyone else knowticed this??

Thanks, Jacob 🙂

What speed are you landing at?

Yeah that’s probably because of the newly added ground effects on the A330 in addition to your speed.

However if I were you, I’d use APPR only for approach and land manually. Much more fun. And you’ll improve your skills so you won’t have to use APPR anymore.

I never use it anymore. My landings with APPR are actually worse as the ones I do manually.


Around 130-140kts

Don’t all the other aircraft have ground affect as well?

Yep, however I noticed that the A330 is more intense compared to smaller planes. And APPR is designed to bring the nose before landing. So when you’re flying at 140kts with deployed flaps and the ground effect kicking in all while APPR raises the nose of the plane, the autopilot has a hard time to get the plane down on the ground.

As said, if you use APPR for the approach I’d disable it at around 300ft to land manually. Or you should reduce the engine power before touch down.


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