A330 and A350

Ok so 2 topics I want to cover in 1 post. I 'll start with the A330 first!

I’m sure many of you have noticed the lack of liveries on the A330 in infinite flight, so here’s a couple that I think we all want

Aer Lingus
Thomas Cook
Lion Air

Really hope these come out in the near future!

I can’t be the only one that’s dissapointed with the fact that it’s the 900 and not the XWB! I’m sure most of us were looking forward to flying the now Famous LHR-MAD route with the British Airways A359, but unfortunately, we can’t. Hey, I get I can’t change this and I request that most of the replies I get be based at the A330. Thanks!

The developers are well aware about the A350 and are actually in the process of creating it.
We also just got the A330 reworked recently with many new liveries introduced.
There are countless A350 livery requests and A330 requests in #features, which you can vote for.
Good day!


When was this rework may I ask???

the a350-900 is the XWB… XWB is stands for extra wide body. its just a saying that airbus started to get more people interested. All of the -900 and -1000s ever built are technically XWB.


Wait what did I say???

I was just writing the same thing

I believe it was back in April or May.
It was a very great rework and many people started to fly it more

I definitely never got this

Did you join Infinite Flight after April or May?


Then Im not sure how you couldnt have got this update then. We all received this update with the addition of around 10 liveries.
This was actually rolled out in March

It’s doesn’t matter though because the liveries I listed aren’t in this

Then how about you vote for them here then?


Our Community Forum contains Feature requests for you to vote on the livery you would like on the Airbus A330. That is how the system here works for now. I would also see more liveries for the A330. (Aer Lingus livery has been waiting for years now!)

I can see you like Aer Lingus because of your profile pic 😂😂😂

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Have this in mind that British Airways flies this route with their only Airbus A350-1000, not -900.

I am sorry to say but the developers are working on the -900 variant, where the A350-1000 will have a separate Feature request made in the future.

@Captain_Johnstone take a look into the Development Timeline for up to date pictures and progress of the building A350.