A330 and A330 Neo engine sounds

To me, it seems as if the engine sounds on the A330-300 and the A330-900 are the same. Could anyone clarify this or tell me otherwise?

Thanks, Jacob

They are the same. The A330 didn’t come with an engine sound pack so instead, the B777 sound pack was used on both the A330 and A330neo.


This seems a little confusing as I thought infinite flight were trying to move away from using the same engine sounds for each aircraft?

The IF devs don’t have enough resources to add more engine sounds, plus if they do add engine sounds now, it would probably cause infinite flight to crash or just have really bad performance. Doesn’t have enough resources (new engine sounds)

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Could we expect the A220 to have its own engine sounds do you think?

I have no clue if the A220 will have new engine sounds or not.

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Finding an engine sound pack isn’t a problem. Pretty sure there are many packs available.

Just adding to what @AV-Booney said, incase you’re interested in a detailed explanation by Infinite Flight, check out the IF development timeline:


Check out the link above for more information regarding custom engine sounds