a330 & a340

What the optimal landing set up for these aircraft at MLW? I can’t get the flare right just seem to fly straight at a level altitude.

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I hope you can find someone to answer your question Mark. I am having the same trouble with the 172 and the Citation X. I can’t get either of them to flare properly. I have tried using all kinds of trim settings but that doesn’t do any good. If I have the throttle at idle I can’t pull the nose above level and the landing is usually nose first or the plane falls straight down and bounces on all three landing gear at the same time. On the real 172 you can pull the nose up pretty high on the flare, If you pull it too high you will get a stall warning. Other than that the flight characteristics of both plane are very realistic.

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When all else fails try adjusting the weight and balance. I added back seat passengers to the 172 and then raised their weight until the tail of the airplane would sit on the ground then adjusted their weight downward until the plane would flare in a more realistic manner.

My experience with Citation is flaps 20 at 160 kts till 500 ft then reduce throttle to 150 glide in and flare at 50 ft.

A340 is similar flaps 30 at 170 it’s till 500 ft then ease off till 50 ft and flare.

I am no flight guru. Just my experience