A330 & A340 wont go down

My topic is pointed more at the A340-600 in IF its really strange my opinion that u have to go almost below 130kt just to land the a340 normally, this aircraft always wants to go up and is just hard to land with the nose up you literally have to be going stall speed to land it perfectly, I know others have a hard time landing it aswell i see other uses coming in at a steep nose dive… i love this aircraft and have performed numerous good landings but i do get annoyed when im at 500ft and it starts to go up^… I dont know if this is an issue or if this is how the plane really works but it definitely feels too slow and doesnt feel right when landing. image

Their old models. They will be reworked someday.


The A340 lands between 125 and 135kts. I never had the problem you mention.

So thats the real life landing speed?

I just checked and the real speed is 144kt idk 125-135 just feel so slow and when im landing it feels like im gonna stall ahah but none the less this is probably my favourite aircraft in the game:)

Old models. If you want a faster landing speed, just use less flaps and a higher weight.