A330 & A340 issues

I have flown quite a bit in these 2 planes. I dont mind them, but why does the plane have to fight itself. It has to pitch down so much to get it to fly at 0 vs. Why? Another problem with them is that dew to the pitch issue, ‘speed wobble’ begins to happen. This should be fixed very soon before it is forgotten.


This isn’t exactly an issue, though if you want to learn how to fix these sloping problems, visit my Trim Tutorial.

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I can not solve it with trim.

This could be the reason

Remember that these models are old, so they need to be reworked soon.


If your flying the appropriate speed (for your alt and route) your nose shouldn’t be pitching down. Regions aren’t that large so you should be going anywhere far, thus you shouldn’t be going fast.

Mop it does that at 200

Remember that the flight models on both of these aircraft are outdated, but they will be revamped eventually.

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This is a complete misunderstanding for the use of trim.

Think of trim as a cable that tightens or loosens that control the elevator. But to maintain level flight, you need to juggle lift, drag and gravity.

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You are flying too fast.

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I just realized that now ;). That’s what happens when you go on the community to early in the morning.

I was thinking he/she meant balancing that pressure.

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This may be because of the old autopilot, I never use trim and only get this issue in very old planes.

I don’t think trim solves it while autopilot is set…i think it has something to do with its physics…maybe the devs should revamp this too


These and some other slightly older aircraft indeed have a little issue with the pitch angle. It’s known, we won’t forget. Just a matter of time. Thank you.

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