A330-900neo takes to the skies!

It seems that the previous A330neo thread has been locked, so here’s a new one to mark the first flight of the A330neo.


Slightly past 10AM CET, the A330-900neo took to the skies for the first time. A re-engined A330-300, the improvements include new Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines and new winglets.

In my opinion the plane won’t be as big a success for AB as the original one was due to competition from the A359(8?) and the 787 but as a relatively cheap way to get new sales and to draw some away from Boeing, it was a logical decision.

Go see NOW, it’s still in the air! Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map


Which one stays?

But yay new Airbus in the skies!

Same shades as those on the A350. Cool :D


In my opinion, there are few airlines who are interested with A330neo project. As the capacity is almost close to A350-900’s

  • As A330-900neo is just slightly smaller and slightly cheaper ($290.6 million) compared to A350-900 ($311.2 million) , The smallest variant of A350 Family

This makes A330neo looks less competitive and attractive compared to her sister’s family (A350).

Anyway, it looks pretty nice. I can’t wait to see Garuda Indonesia’s first A330-900neo in near future 😊


Very impressive Airbus!


You don’t think it’ll be as successful? Lol you don’t know anything about the aviation market do you. Have you not seen the orders placed for the neo version.

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I call mine, I had the jump by 2 min :P Let the mods decide though!

From the Airbus website, both planes have the same max exit limit capacity of 440. The A339neo has a MZFW of 181t compared to the A359s 192t MZFW, allowing the 359 to lift more payload. However, the 339 has a MTOW of 242t which will be raised to 251t in the future, so if a MZFW increase goes along with that, I can see the cheaper pricing along with the short haul CASM improvements winning airlines over. I do agree that not many airlines will be interested, but as said earlier however, this is just a way for Airbus to sell more A330s and take away sales from the more expensive 787.


Wow, look at those new, bigger engines! The a330 has always been my favourite plane, more than the 787


Yahooo! Love those beastly engines. It’s got those A350 shades and winglets as well… they are a nice touch.


I just think this is a beautiful aircraft, does any one else agree. I love the livery too. So happy that Delta has placed an order for 25 of these!

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Another picture- this time of the original A330 flight and the neo’s!



That looks sweet ride are the rolls Royce on the neo?

Can’t wait to see TAP Portugal livery on it.

Yup - the Trent 7000

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